Aisle of Birds

 The other day we went to Pet Smart. We needed food plus Mom thought it is a nice outing for us.

 Mom and Dad brought us over to our favorite aisle - the Birds! We just love watching them.
And then Teddy and I just couldn't help ourselves. We had to see them up close  
Mom said we were bad cause we scared the birds. I don't think we will be visiting the aisle of birds again soon.


  1. Aww you were just trying to make new friends, right guys? You guys are so cute. Teddy has gotten so big! xoxo

    1. We wanted to see our new friends fly out of the cage and catch them! Mom calls Teddy her Big little boy ! Dad calls me #1. ! TitusSMOOHCES!

  2. Maybe you could mention to Mom you just need a few more visits to the Aisle of Birds to become acquainted. You are good boys. xoxo


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