Lizard Hunting III

The other day we found another place in the backyard for lizard hunting. We saw one scurry into the big flower hedge next to the pool. So Teddy and I immediately started hunting

 Then Teddy thought that maybe he should look from the top of the hedge. No luck.

 So I started hunting in the corner and told Teddy to keep hunting along other side. Still no luck.
 So we went back to our original strategy of heads directly in the hedge. We stayed there for quite a long time. But no lizard. We will catch a lizard one day. I just know it!



  1. It sure looks like you guys are developing great strategies for your lizard hunts! I am sure you will get one soon too! xoxo

  2. They are masters of disguise, lizards!But wot if yoo catch wun, Titus? They don't taste beary nise, hehe! Fine reportaging!! Huuggs!!!!

  3. Keep at it and if you are successful, let us know your trick. We haven't had any luck either.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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