Groundhog Day

I told Titus tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. Titus was annoyed when I told him "No, it is not a day to chase groundhogs". Then I explained to him the story of Punxsatawney Phil.

  Titus howled that f he were the Groundhog, he would make sure to not see his shadow so everyone would be happy with an early Spring.


  1. Titus is so cute! We are rooting for early spring around here for sure. We're tired of cold, overcast, damp weather. You guys are so lucky to live in warm sunny California! xoxo

  2. Titus is a VERY good dog, a gentleman and (perhaps) a scholar to not be interested in chasing groundhogs! We were going to ask how he got down in that small hole, but now we think we see a baseboard. So we hope he didn't chew a hole in the wall! MOL

    Love and loud purring to both of you! RainbowCatsx12 >^..^<


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