Bathtime for Titus

Titus came back from the dog park smelly and damp. Ewe. He obviously needed a bath. So out came the shampoo and on went the hose. But this "good boy" picture is totally misleading. 
This picture is more like it. Titus is scared of the hose and doesn't like water! We would have had more pics if Daddy didn't have to avoid the camera getting wet from Titus trying to run away from Mommy !


  1. Aww poor Titus. He'll have to learn that fun trips to the dog park will involve baths when he gets stinky! He'll get used to how gentle your Mommy is with time. Maybe you could show him how Princes and Princesses behave at bath time. I assume you're purrfect, Rosy! xoxo

  2. Oh my! Did Titus roll in something marshy or dead? OurPeople would say he just wanted to be a Primal Pup. Hopefully he doesn't mind being sweet and clean, too. Maybe by next summer he'll have learned to like water enough to take a dip in the pool. He might just need a few swimming lessons.

    Love & loud purring to both of you from all of us! >^..^<


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