Beauty sleep

Yesterday, Bunnybell and I were comfortably catching up on our beauty sleep. 

 The next thing I know, Titus came into bed and decided he wanted to take a nap.

Thank goodness we have a King size bed. And I don't want to deny Titus extra beauty sleep. He certainly could use it. 


  1. OMC! He's putting his FEET on a pillow! What a funny boy. Maybe his paws were extra tired? Love & loud purring... >^..^<

  2. How adorable! He's bigger than the two of you put together! He sure looks happy though. Good on you girls for sharing! xoxo

  3. Oh my mouses! There's BARELY enough room for you all there! Just like me when I'm stretched out on the chesterfield and one of the peeps wanna come sit with me. MOUSES!

  4. Do you think Titus is experiencing a level of comfort such as he's never known? He's making the most of it. xoxo


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