What is he?

Everyone asks me what breed mix Titus is. And the answer is, we have no idea. So we decided we would do a DNA test. The Wisdom Panel kit came yesterday.

 It is not very complicated to do. Daddy had to swab Titus' cheek twice. I supervised to make sure it was done correctly. 

The swab sticks went back in the box and now they need to be mailed. Then we have to wait a couple of weeks to get the results. I think Titus may be part whatever breed Chewbacca is.  What is your guess?


  1. I think he's definitely part Chewbacca.

    1. Yes. But I am not sure that they have Chewbacca breed on their DNA list. They saw my post, maybe they can quickly add it! RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. He's BIG! Whatever breed that is he's it! (And Chewbacca) xoxo I remember you did that with Fuzz and he held some surprises. He was also of the BIG breed. :)


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