A bed for Titus

Titus loves to hang on the couch with us. But when we found him in Bunnybell's bed we knew he really wanted a bed of his own.

Next thing we know, the doorbell rings and a giant box arrives..

Titus immediately checks it out.

 Voila ! Titus has his very own bed. He is SO happy. Now we have to find a big enough space to put it!


  1. Wow Titus! That's a GREAT (big) bed! Looks like you love it a whole bunch already! We see lots of peaceful naps and nights in your future. Love & loud purring from all of us... >^..^<

    P.S. That also looks like a great box. If you have no plans for it, could we have it? Cats love boxes, you know!

  2. That's for sure Rainbow Cats, we love boxes too! I bet Titus will love having his very own bed. He'll fit right in, and BunnyBell's bed won't be all squished from him trying to fit in it! I think that bed looks very cozy. xoxo

  3. You made sure Titus got a bed fit for a Prince didn't you Rosy. Titus looks like he's giving you a big thank you! xoxo


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