Titus Meets Swans

The other day when I took Titus to the lake, I totd him all about the swans. 

It was lucky that I did since Mr. Swan swam up while Titus and I walked by. 

Titus was very curious and moved to get a bit closer.  Not too close since he doesn't like water.

Later on our walk, Mr. and Mrs Swan were on the sidewalk. I explained to Titus that the swans have the right of way at Swan Lake, so he needs to respect their space and let them cross. And  he did!

Then when they were back on the grass, Titus walked by and didn't even give them a look. Titus is such a good boy ! (But, I think he is secretly afraid of them.)


  1. Do you think Titus is watching your every move, Rosy, and learning your good manners? His only outburst was "feeling his oats" when on the sand, lol. He just couldn't contain himself. xoxo

  2. Titus seems like he was giving the swans their space and being respectful. Good job, Titus! Did you find out what breeds he is? xoxo


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