Margarita Day

I invited Titus to celebrate Margarita Day with me. He was so excited. He barked that he never had a Margarita.

Then he was surprised when I told him it is a pupperita. But still excited about the (chicken) chips! 


  1. Oh Rosy, you are so-o festive! My mom didn't know there was such a day & she does like to have a margarita on occasion. Say, if there is a pupperita drinkie, I bet there is a caterita one, too! Purrs!

  2. OMC! What a fun holiday. We hope your drink had a tiny tuna fish instead of a worm though.

    Love & loud purring from all of us... >^..^<

  3. I like the idea of a caterita! I'd want a tiny tuna instead of a worm too! Did Titus like his pupperita? Happy Margarita Day! xoxo


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