A present for Daddy

Titus and I decided for Valentines Day, we would make Daddy a plaque to put on his desk. And for his card, we will print out this picture. Titus is not sure he will like it. Do you think he will ?


  1. Such a cute gift! He's going to love it!

  2. Of course he'll love it! Daddies always love the sweet paw-made gifts their furry family members make. You look so enthusiastic, Rosy! Titus might be dubious because he's afraid his bobble smilies make him look undignified. Please reassure him that he's the handsomest gentledog we've ever seen!

    Love and loud purring from all of us... >^..^< RainbowCatsx12

  3. I think Daddy will love it! It's a great picture and such an adorable sign, how could he not love it? And, of course there is the added bonus that it comes from you guys with love! xoxo


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