Valentine's Dinner

So many people talk about having a special dinner for Valentine's Day. Since none of us have boyfriends (we are not allowed untill we are older), I thought it would be nice if Annie and I had Bunnybell over for a special Valentines' Day dinner. I was in charge of the setting. Annie was in charge of the food. Ugh. She forgot.


  1. CUTE :-) Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️️ Golden Woofs & LOVE, SUGAR the Golden Retriever

  2. How sweet for all of you!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. Happy Valentine's Day girls! I hope your Mom picked up the slack for Annie! It would be awful not to get Valentine's Dinner! You guys are all so cute! xoxo Happy Valentine's Day!


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