Taste of Chicago on #FuzzFriday

The other day when we got home from our walk there was a big “Tastes of Chicago” box at our front door.  Daddy brought it inside and took everything out of the box.  I told Annie what all the stuff was - Portillo’s Italian Beef sandwich fixings and Lou Malnati’s Pizza.  She was waiting for it to be unwrapped, but then Daddy put all of it in the freezer.  Annie put on her sad eyes. Daddy said we will wait to have it as our treat to celebrate #FuzzFriday! So first thing this morning Annie barked – its Time to Taste Chicago! 
PS. Thanks to our fab family from Chicago for sending ! 


  1. What a fab #FuzzFriday treat, Rosy! We all remember how much Bear loved pizza! Sounds like you guys are gonna have a great feast tonight. Wish we had family in Chicago! :) Happy FuzzFriday girls! xoxo

  2. You and Annie don't ever have the chance to get bored with your meals, Rosy. Such a tasty and thoughtful gift from your Chicago family. This will be an extra-special #FuzzFriday. xo

  3. OMD!!! it our favorite Lou Malnatis :-) Happy FuzzFriday. Golden Woofs


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