Thanksgiving Turkey

Teddy and I sat at the Thanksgiving table waiting for Jack Jack to arrive. Teddy was surprised that the plates were empty.
Then Jack Jack arrived and after barking Thanksgiving pleasantries, we each agreed we were most thankful for our wonderful forever homes.
Then we looked at what we were being served. Mom explained that we each have a turkey leg toy we can chew on that has  special treats inside. (When Teddy and I whined a bit, Mom explained that Jack Jack couldn't have human food. ) 
So we all decided we would try our weird Turkey legs. Mmmm they were fun and yummy!
I decided to take my turkey leg and put it on my bed. I thought maybe if my plate was empty, some real turkey would appear.
Hope everyone has/had a delicious Thanksgiving ! 


  1. Good try for the turkey, Titus. Did it work? We didn't get any turkey. But Mom and my human brother and my nieces and nephews ate turkey dinner last Saturday, and Mom has some of the turkey frozen. We're keeping paws crossed! xoxo

    1. P.S. We love your turkey leg ears! Adorable! xoxo

    2. It didn't work because I fell asleep during the feast! But Teddy got some! Mom told me I will get some this weekend! TitusSMOOCHES!

  2. We have those same Turkey leg hats!! I have one and I gave one at our White Elephant at Thanksgiving! Ha!! You all look so cute!


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