Talk like a Pirate

Today is Talk like a Pirate Day. So to help us get in the mood, we dressed in our Pirate garb and went to the beach looking for hidden treasure. A big dog came over and Annie barked "Ahoy Mutt" ! When he came to sniff me I said "Grrrrrr" . (Only since I was talking like a pirate of course!)


  1. Did the dog ask about your costumes? Did you guys make friends? I think it's completely appropriate to be at the beach in pirate costumes, speaking in pirate! Happy Talk like a Pirate Day! xoxo

  2. Since this is Talk like a Pirate Day you girls truly got into the spirit of the day. I can just hear you bark in piratese, hehe. Your pirate garb looks pretty fine. Each one is the perfect look for each of you. xo


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