Rubber Ducky

I went in the backyard and saw this weird duck in the spa. 
 I called Teddy over and he barked it must be there for Rubber Ducky Day today.
Well, I didn't care what day it is. I didn't like him in our spa. So I tried to grab him out but all I got was his silly hat. 
I tried barking at him to get him to go away.   Teddy told me just to just chill and let him stay for the day/ Ugh.


  1. Ducks wearin' hats? MOUSES! No wonder you thought he was a little weird. Never, ever, EVER have I ever met a hat-wearin' duck. And he's made of rubber, you say? MOUSES!!!

  2. I think the ducky is very cute, but I can understand you not wanting a strange duck in your spa. I assume he didn't hurt anything! Happy Rubber Ducky day! xoxo


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