Healing Treatments

All these years, I have been going to Animal Healing Center where I watched Bear and Annie get treatments. But this time, for my arthritis I was the client - its about time! So first I had my acupuncture where tiny needles were put down my back and on my legs. And while I looked like a poodle pin cushion, Keon (our fab vet tech) started laser on my back. Nothing hurt so I just sat like a perfect princess. 
The next thing I knew, I started to get pink beams on my head ! OMP! I know they cant make me any smarter, or any more fab, so maybe my lasered poodle brain will start having superpowers? We'll see!


  1. That looks very cool Rosy, did you find it helpful? I don't think I have that yet, but imagine I will at some point. Did Annie go along for a treatment too? xoxo

    1. It has helped! I only have had 2 treatments so far so we expect it to help even more! Annie always has had hers on a separate day, but this week we are going together! We will see how that goes! RosyPoodleKisses!


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