Swan Lake XIII

 The other day we went down to the lake and look what we saw! Mr. and Mrs. Swan with their new babies !

Annie wanted to know if she could go to the edge of the lake and get up close and personal with the babies.

I said NO! Annie. Swans are very protective of their little ones and you don't want them to get mad. I told her to keep a good distance. Actually the best thing is what I do,  just ignore them.

But Annie wanted to keep on watching the Swan family. I'm glad she at least listened to me and stayed back.


  1. I can sure understand Annie wanting to visit with the swans! They look like a happy family and the babiesn are really sweet! You guys are lucky you get to see swans. We get to see only geese. xoxo

  2. Oh my mouses! Those swans are... BEAUTIFUL. purrs


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