Bunnybell's Party

Bunnybell visited this weekend so we finally got to celebrate her birthday. For her party I served pupburger sliders with sweet potato fries treats.

 And then just as Bunnybell's birthday cupcake was served, Annie decided she would have some!

 Well I gave Annie a piece of my poodle mind. How rude to eat someone's cake before they do!

But Bunnybell didn't seem to mind. She barked to Annie that she could share. That's why everyone calls Bunnybell sweet (not a typical adjective used when referring to me!)

1 comment:

  1. What a great party you planned Rosy! It was very sweet of Bunnybell to share her cupcake. Were all your treats yummy? I bet Bunnybell had a great birthday! Happy Birthday Bunnybell! xoxo


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