Lei Day

Annie and I heard that May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. So thinking back to the fab time we had on our virtual Hawaii vacation, we decided to celebrate the aloha spirit by wearingour beautiful leis.

Then I told Annie that I will be crown myself Lei Day Queen and she can be a Princess in my court. She was so happy she got to be a Princess! 
Happy Lei Day!


  1. Oh my gosh you guys look so beautiful! Rosy it's so generous of you to allow Annie to be a princess on your court even though she continually fails her princess classes. She sure meets the cuteness quotient! :) Happy May Day! xoxo

    1. Thanks! Yes, I think sometimes she needs to feel like a Princess. She is just a different kind of Princess! RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. A beautiful Queen and her lovely Princess!!!

    Happy May Day/Lei Day!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. Oh my goodness, you ladies look lovely! I like how you put a lea on top of your head.


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