The Lion and the Mouse

So based on everyone's opinions, I chose to be Minnie and Annie chose to be the Lion. Since we would be together on Halloween I wondered if I could make us work as a pair. And then I remembered one of Aesop's fables - The Lion and the Mouse ! How fab!  Do you remember the story? 

lion threatens a mouse that wakes him from sleep. The mouse begs forgiveness and makes the point that such unworthy prey would bring the lion no honor. The lion then agrees and sets the mouse free. Later, the lion is netted by hunters. Hearing it roaring, the mouse remembers its clemency and frees it by gnawing through the ropes. The moral of the story is that mercy brings its reward and that there is no being so small that it cannot help a greater. 

Which also reminds me of Shakespeare's words which I like to live by, "and though she be but little she is fierce". 
Happy Halloween! 


  1. Good choices Annie & Rosy! I bet you'll get a ton of treats! How great you managed a lesson out of your costumes. And of course "though she be but little she is fierce!" Happy Halloween!! xoxo

  2. You both look so nice.

    Happy Howloween.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. Since you and Annie will be together for Halloween, Rosy, to base your winning costumes on Aesop's Fable, The Lion and the Mouse, is very clever. You two will be a big hit. xo


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