#FuzzFriday with Rocco

Annie asked if we could celebrate #FuzzFriday with Rocco.  Ugh. She still dreams about her meeting Rocco at BlogPaws. She was so starstruck! I told her that I don't think Rocco can come all the way from Utah to join us. ..
She barked that she was talking about his treats, not him! Oh, of course, Rocco & Roxie treats. Yum!
Then Mommy told Annie she can continue celebrating with Rocco. Annie was excited....
Until she realized that Rocco also has his own Rocco & Roxie shampoo. Now we all have an extra treat for #FuzzFriday - Annie smells good! 
Happy #FuzzFriday !  


  1. Annie you look adorable with damp furs! It sounds like a great #FuzzFriday! Rocco treats, and Rocco shampoo, and great smells for Rosy and Mom & Dad! xoxo

    1. It was a nice #FuzzFriday! Annie is not fond of the bath, but loves being held while she is being dried off! RosyPoodleKisses!


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