#FuzzFriday - Bacon Balls

For #FuzzFriday we decided we wanted to try more treats from Sugar's cookbook. This time we chose what Sugar's Mom called "Bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner" .  Annie couldn't wait till the baking started and went after the ingredients - the bacon of course.

 Then the treats came out of the oven and we tasted them. OMP! Annie and I just love these. We call them Bacon Balls. SO yum! We just adore the Cooking for Sugar book. In this house though, the title has been translated into Cooking For Rosy and Annie!


  1. Rosy you and Annie are so lucky Mom bakes for you! Bacon balls sound YUMMY! Did Mom like them? I know Bear & Fuzz would like them! xoxo

    1. I know! We need to thank Sugar for motivating Mom! Mom didnt like them cause they had a coconut taste, but Daddy loved them!! Of course my boys would have scooped them up quickly! Happy #FuzzFriday! RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. Happy #FuzzFriday Rosy and Annie ....mom is getting me the cook book now....I told her so hurry up already I can't wait any longer! But she is giving me slices of Bacon this weekend to make up for not having it so I can't complain. xox, woof whistles..Bosco

  3. OMC! OurPeople like coconut so they'd probably like them, too. Sugar's cookbook came in the mail yesterday. There's so many great-sounding recipes, it's going to be hard to choose which one to ask for first. OurGirl says a lot of them sound easy to make, so maybe we'll request more than one. After all, we need enough for twelve! Love & loud purring! >^..^<

  4. Oh its your fav, BACON!!! Golden Thanks and hop e you enjoyed your Tasty FuzzFriday :-)


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