Taste Test

 We got this really awesome present for the holidays. A Bark treats test of dogtreats from 5 different city/states where our family and friends live.! Our gift was to taste each of the treats and choose our favorites. How fun and yum!
 I went first. I carefully made my selections: #1 Chicago , #2 Kansas #3 New York and #4 Wisconsin. I don't love fish, so my home state came in last.
Then it was Teddy's turn. He ate #1 Chicago , #2 New York, #3 Wisconsin, #4 California . I hope our Kansas family doesn't get insulted ! 

So the unanimous winner is Chicago Dogs ! My nephew and nieces
 there would be so proud ! 

 Just as we finished, Teddy pawed out that each of the treat bags had an animal charity indicated where part of the sale is donated. How awesome !

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  1. That's a pawsome idea! Treats that give money to charity. It looks like you guys are certainly in agreement on your fav. I think it's cool there are treats from different cities. Ours would be skyline or graeter's flavored! xoxo


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