Crayon Day

Today is National Crayon Day. So I thought it was a perfect day for Annie to attend Princess School Art Class. I told her to draw whatever she sees. When I looked over and asked what she was drawing she barked that she drew the backyard - pool, grass, tree, flowers. Hmmm.. so Annie is an abstract artist!  I was so proud of her! 
That is until she started eating my crayon!


  1. Did you guys get to use the yellow that's going away? What a great job Annie did! It looks like she's eating a red rather than pink, at least. :) Happy Crayon day!

    1. I am saving the Dandelion - keeping it away from Annie! Actually, that crayon she ate was a dark pink! I would have been upset if she ate my fave Carnation Pink! RosyPoodleKisses!


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