National Mutt Day

On National Mutt Day, we want to recognize two very special Mutts. First, our human sis Sydne's adorable Pomeranian mix - the absolutely fab Miss Bunnybell !

 Not only is Bunnybell our niece but we consider her our BFF ! 

Next, we want to introduce our nephew Beast . He was adopted this year by our human brother Stephen and lives in Kansas. We think he is an American Bull Dog/Pittie mix of some sort - so hence, he is a Mutt. We have never met him but from everything we have heard he is fab too! So we love him from afar! 
Finally, we want to wish all the Mutts of the world a very happy Mutt Day! We hope you all have or will soon have wonderful homes where you are loved and cherished. 


  1. I'm a mutt! Petfinder said I am a Maine Coon but Mom says she doesn't think so. She says I just eat too much! :) China is Himalayan, so not a mutt, but she looks like a mutt sometimes. Bunnybell is adorable, and your nephew looks like a handsome boy! Happy mutt day! xoxo

  2. Miss bunnybell is absolutely adorable, i want to hug her so bad! I miss my dogs now, who left this world for doggy heaven a year ago. Rest in piece merlin and titan!


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