Flower mess

A few weeks ago, Mom replanted the flower bed with lots of white flowers. She put in all this cool smelling new dirt. So the other day, I just couldn't help myself. I just had to dig through it. 
When Dad came home and saw the mess, he immediately grabbed a broom to clean it up. He was talking to us and it became clear that he thought Teddy did it !
Teddy came over and tried to communicate to Dad that he didn't do it. Dad thought Teddy was apologizing and told him he was a bad boy but he forgives him. I later thanked Teddy for taking one for the team. I just love having a brother!


  1. maybe Jack Jack came at night and did all that.
    Teddy and Titus look very innocent to me :)

  2. LoL FerFer! I think it's great Teddy took one for the team. Moms always seem to know the truth though. xoxo


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