My family from Chicago is visiting this week. I love family! So of course, that means pool day. Charlotte loved throwing the football to me. She likes that I am a pool football star! 
 But then, no one wanted to throw the ball to me. So I started barking. Dad warned me to stop. But I really wanted to play catch!
And then Dad hosed me! Directly in the face! 
I kept running around the pool to get away from the hose. But it followed me everywhere! Then when I kept barked with water spraying in my face, Mom proceeded to bring me inside. Bummer.


  1. Aww poor Titus. It sucks when humans don't want to cooperate with games we want to play! It looks like you are enjoying your company tho! xoxo

  2. Titus next time just jump in the water to swim.....you are a good swimmer. You can do it...Lots of Love, Lulu. P.S. I love water too...Bosco he couldn't swim, he wouldn't go in the deep water, but I glide through it.


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