Happy Thanksgiving !

OMP! Don't you just love Thanksgiving? First, we think about what we are thankful for. I am thankful for EVERYTHING in my life. Yes, I do know I am very lucky to be respected and treated like a Princess by my family. I am also very thankful along with my family for Annie. We know she is a living miracle and are thankful everyday for the gift of our perfectly adorable Cocker Spaniel, sweet Annie.  
Hope all of you have an absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! Hope it has been as fab as you! RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. We are thankful for our Mom and she's very thankful for us! She's also very thankful for George and Olive (but we could do without them, they chase us and they're loud!) We're also thankful for all our anipal friends like you and Annie too! xoxo

  3. I am thankful for sweet friends like you, Rosy and Annie. You're very special. Like you too, I'm thankful that Annie is a living miracle and you and your mommy and daddy share both of you with all of us. xo


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