First Swim

After the Bunnybell pool debacle, Mom decided it was time for Teddy to go in the pool. He asked Dad if he had to, and Dad said he needed to learn how to swim out.

Teddy was not real eager but took a step in once Mom started offering cookie bribes.

 Then when cookie bribes did not work further than one step, Mom just pulled him in.

Teddy swam a little bit but not as a happy swimmer.

Then Mom showed him the way out of the pool.

I immediately went over to tell him what a great job he did.

Then the cookie bribes came out again. I had a feeling it was my turn, so I grabbed the cookie.

And in I went. 

And out I went !

Then Teddy and I decided we were done with the pool and being wet.  Mom is already planning our next pool practice. We hope it's not soon.


  1. Hopefully Teddy will get the hang of it and like the water. Is there any hope for you, Titus? There's zero hope for me liking water! It's great Mom is trying to teach you guys! xoxo (Mom is waiting for warm weather. She thinks it will never come!)

  2. It’s just good to know the water is there if you boys ever need a cool down.

  3. maybe Teddy just needs to be hold by somebody inside the pool, just walking around, enjoying the coolness of the water.
    He did well though.

  4. Dear Titus
    Have you guys been to the beach yet? That might be a better intro. to water, than the pool. I love to swim but have not tried a pool yet...hum but I think we all can learn it. Love Lulu
    P.S. Titus I'm going to carry on for Bosco here, I hope you don't mind. He would he wanted me to still talk to you all on the blog.


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