Bath time

One difference between me and Teddy is that when he gets dirty it really shows. So Dad told him it was time for a bath. Teddy was not thrilled at all with the hose, but liked the drying off part. 

 Then, even though I didn't look dirty, Dad said I had to take a bath too. I didn't think that was fair. But it was quickly over and I like the drying off part too.

Once we were both clean I asked Teddy what he wanted to do. 

I was quite surprised when he got into the Downward Dog position. Did he want to do Yoga ?

1 comment:

  1. You guys both look so handsome all clean and dried off! Yoga seems like a great activity so you don't get all dirty again. Teddy's furs being white will make you get more baths too Titus. Mom and Dad will figure if Teddy is that dirty so are you even though it isn't easily seen. Better get used to bath time! :) xoxo


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