Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday Mommy put on an Easter egg Hunt for us.  There must have been over 50 eggs all with different treats in them!  

Teddy figured out quickly how to get them open.

There was only one time that we wanted the same egg.

Then I noticed some of the eggs were in the basket! Had to get those out! (and then get the silly basket off my head!)

We couldn't find any more closed eggs, so we took a rest.

Then we saw the bag that Dad put the empty eggs in. So we knocked over the bag to see the empty eggs to make sure they were all empty. They were. No more treats. 
So the Easter Egg hunt was officially offer. Can't wait till next year! 


  1. What fun!!! 50 eggs??? And all with treats - you two hit the jackpot!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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