Cheeseburger Day

 For Cheeseburger Day Annie, Bunnybell and I decided to go to Smashburger in Del Mar to celebrate.

I ordered us a cheeseburger and Fido burger to split.

 I walked away for a moment to get a drink of water. The next thing I know, Bunnybell ate the whole FidoBurger!!

So I pulled the cheeseburger in the shade and told Annie she can split it with me.  I let Annie have the Cheeseburger.  I preferred to just have the salad.


  1. Well, at least you like the salad, Rosy. I'd want cheeseburger cheeseburger! :) Looks like Bunnybell enjoyed her Fido burger! Happy Cheeseburger Day! xoxo

  2. Annie, I'm just curious did you really eat the lettuce and bun? Is that how you maintain your trip fit doggie-girl figure? Love Bosco

  3. What?? No Pirate Day!? Grab those burgers, grab some rum and jump on the ship! DakotasDen


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