Salami Day

 Can you believe it? Another food day to celebrate. Today is Salami Day ! There are so many different types and brands of salami so I decided we should taste test some of Daddy's faves.

Annie as usual dug right in. She does not understand the concept of a taste test. I sniffed each to evaluate the aroma before tasting.

Of course, Annie finished way before me. I chewed each slowly and thoroughly to understand their complexities.  
Do you like Salami?


  1. You're such a professional, Rosy! I'm with Annie.. I dive right in. I love salami. If Mom has that, I drive her crazy. My sisfur isn't a big fan. She's so picky. Happy Salami Day! xoxo

  2. Mom gets us Salmi wrapped around a mozzarella stick...have you seen those..yum !!


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