Cheese Pizza Day

Another fab day to celebrate! It's Cheese Pizza Day ! So I ordered a pizza for me and Annie.

We had Mommy put it on a plate and let it cool a little bit.
Then it was ready to eat. While Annie sniffed it, I just went right in and took a slice.

 Then Annie tried to share my slice. Really ? I told her to get her own slice.

And she listened to my command like a good dog.
Hope you enjoy Cheese Pizza Day too!


  1. Ladies, Hold the fort....that is the BEST day ever when you get pizza. I got pizza this weekend and at one point I nearly climbed in my moms lap to get another piece. Great pics of you both, was Annie wearing a blue bib to start? xoxo Bosco.
    P.S. Did you guys see the Anipal FB page, it's like a great trip down memory lane when we all were on Twitter. Hoooowlll !!

  2. I do like cheese! I find it amazing that you got a slice of something before Annie, Rosy! Sure looks like good pizza. Have some for us! xoxo


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