Tea Time

Its been so chilly lately so I thought it would be nice to have tea time with Annie. So I took out my new BoBu tea pot with its fab little warmer. (I haven't had the chance to bedazzle it yet). And I served tea and biscuits. The next thing I know...
Annie knocked over the tea and grabbed the biscuit. Ugh. Annie obviously hasn't yet attended her Tea Etiquette class in Princess School. 


  1. Our Mom loves a good hot cup of tea. She can have the tea, we will take the biscuits. You two are very good to sit so patiently waiting for the photoshoot to be done.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. That's a cute little teapot but where is its spout? Those biscuits look pretty tempting. We might not have been able to wait either. Maybe Annie was checking to make sure they were safe for you to eat?

    Love & loud purring from all of us... RainbowCatsx13 >^..^<

  3. Annie must have gotten excited and was unable to contain herself! It sure looks good. I like tea. My mom makes tea in her Keurig and then puts ice in it and I love to lick it out of her glass! (I usually get yelled at tho). ;) Happy teatime! xoxo


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