Sharing with Bunnybell

Our niece Bunnybell visited last weekend. Annie and I love Bunnybell so much so we share (almost) everything with her. I let her share my stroller to go down to the lake.

Then Annie and I always invite her to share the best sniffs.

 Annie lets her share her bed even though Bunnybell has her own.

And we also share our mealtime. However, even though we love Bunnybell so much, we don't share our food or placemats. 


  1. How great of you guys to share everything! Of course, mealtime is different. Everybody seemed happy with their own bowl and placemat. I'm impressed you allow Bunnybell in your stroller, Rosy! Did you guys have fun at the lake? xoxo

    1. Yes! We all love to walk around. Everything smells so interesting! And Bunnybell LOVES the stroller! Sometimes I let her go in it alone too! RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. Looks like you all had a fun day at the lake. It's fantastic that you all get along so well.

  3. We had such a nice time! Thank you for a great visit Rosy!

  4. Bunnybell is such a cute cousin. We see all three of you have matching tags. Very stylish. And are those heart-shaped bowls? It's good that you share things. We try to do that, but some of us aren't too willing, especially with catnip mousies.

    Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx13 >^..^<


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