Beach day

 The other day when we got to the beach Annie and I discussed how we wanted to spend our time. First option in the water was immediately eliminated.  Mommy always suggests walking by the water's edge. That is where most of the dogs go.

But Annie and I decided to spend our time on our fave activity - sniffing all the large rocks by the beach homes. The aroma is such a fab combination of sea and pee.
Once we finished our sniffing activity, we spent the rest of our time chilling by the rocks and dog watching. What a great beach day.


  1. What a beautiful day at the beach!!! We think we might opt for some rock sniffin' too - best place to read all the news from the sands.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. No storms by you? Sea and pee....that must be really interesting to investigate.

  3. I would definitely vote for rock sniffing! I wouldn't want to get my paws wet, and there's nothing better than some great pee to sniff! I hope you guys are not getting flooded with all the rain! xoxo


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