Swan Crossing

Dear world,
The other day at the lake, Mrs. Swan started crossing the path without yielding us the right of way like she was supposed to. So I started arguing with her. But she continued across the path. The next thing I knew, Baby Swan crossed the path along with her. Mommy told me to stop barking but I think it is important for the whole Swan family to understand their position and the rules in my Princessdom.
BearHUGs Forever,
P.S. On a sad note, there is only one baby swan left. RIP Baby Swan II.


  1. Mrs. Swan wasn't recognizing your position nor following the rules of your Princessdom Rosy, but I think she had something on her mind. It is sad that she lost one of her ducklings. Was her right wing injured? It looked like it may have been. xo

  2. Awe so sad that one of the swans didn't make it. Mama Swan seemed to be focused on getting her baby across the sidewalk. She'll learn about your Princessdom at some point, Rosy but she looked like she was having none of it that day. She even looked back at you as you were passing her!


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