Kentucky Derby

Today is the Kentucky Derby. Annie thinks it would be so awesome to watch it right from the track itself and feel the excitement with dirt on your paws. I think it would be much more fab to comfortably watch from the VIP level being served and drinking Mint Juleps. Which would you rather do?


  1. Since you both look lovely in your Derby outfits, I think I'd join you Rosy on the VIP level. It would be interesting to get a view from the track, but if you stayed there during the race dust would be flying high.

  2. I'm with you Rosy! I don't think I'd like the dirt hitting me in the face on the track. It would scare me. Those horses are BIG! You guys were sure festive in your outfits and hats! Mom decided to go shopping when the derby was on. She forgot, so we didn't watch. Silly Mom!


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