Cinco De Mayo

For Cinco De Mayo, Bunnybell and I decided to have a festive party serving appropriate food and beverage. The party just started and Bunnybell and I wanted to sing and play the maraccas. I tried to insist that Annie waits to have the (chicken) chips until after we sing. But Annie just couldn't help herself.
Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  1. What a great live action shot of the glass spilling onto the table! Even though Annie didn't want to sing for her snacks, it sure looked as if everybody was enjoying all the festivities, Rosy. Great job on your party! Happy Cinco De Mayo to you, Annie, Bunnybell and your Mom and Dad! xoxo

    1. Thanks Tikka! I just love parties! Hope you had a fab Cinco De Mayo. Have a fab weekend! BearHUGs & RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. Missed celebrating Cinco De Mayo with you Rosy, Annie and Bunnybell. Your party looked so fun and festive. Maybe Annie overindulged a bit in food and beverage but she looks like she enjoyed every morsel and drop, lol. xo


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