Time off

Dear world,
Mommy and Daddy will be away for a couple of weeks so Uncle Brian is here to stay with us. He so fab! But that means I will have to take a break from blogging for a while. I promised Brian I would help him with his next novel (he's an author!). Plus I will be very busy managing the household.
Remember, if you get Rosy withdrawl, you can just read my previous posts!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. I hope Mom & Dad have a fab time and that you and Annie have a great time with Uncle Brian! We will miss your blog posts! I know you'll manage the house perfectly, Rosy. xoxo

  2. Rosy! You look so happy. Uncle Brian must be a very special person to give you such a big smile. Could you tell us the titles of any of his novels? OurPeople read a lot. We're writing this after Mommy and Daddy are back home safe and sound. Traveling is fun, but they probably agree that there's no place like home with you and Annie. >^..^<


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