Wig Out

Dear world,
I heard that it is National Wig Out Day. So I got out all my wigs but had real trouble deciding which to wear. I chose the most demure one for the day. Maybe tonight I will go a bit wild and wear the blue one. Annie wanted nothing to do with Wig Day.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. You look so sweet! Kinda like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. We're REALLY glad you're not in Kansas right now though! That blue wig is very fancy. It would look great with one of your tiaras. Maybe there'll be a Wig Out Party tonight. You'll be the prettiest one there! Love & loud purring from all of us... >^..^<

  2. Rosy you look great with your white wig! It goes great with your black furs. I also like the blue, and the pink oh and of course the orange, like me! You could do a whole fashion show! (I'm with Annie on putting the wigs on though)!

  3. As a Princess, Rosy, you must always keep up with the fashion trend of the day. As for Annie, I think she prefers to be comfortable so a wig wouldn't fit into that category. xo

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