Happy Mother's Day!

Since Mommy is the most important person in the world to us, Annie and I wanted to celebrate Mother's Day by preparing Mommy a beautiful lunch. I of course was in charge of the decor. Annie volunteered to be in charge of the food. I told her no hamburgers again. So she thought about what Bear would have done. And we served pizza !
Happy Mother's Day to our Mommy and all the Mommies of the World!


  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful way to honor your very special mommy, Rosy and Annie. Rosy, your decor was lovely, and Annie's choice of pizza was brilliant. A sweet way to remember Bear. Is there anyone who loved pizza more than Bear? I think not. xo

  2. Rosy and Annie, this is one of the sweetest posts ever !! The colors, the food and you all look so happy ...Your MOM is da bomb! Plus you mentioned Bear and pizza and that made it all the better. In honor of your mom who brought us all together and continues to live through you both in spirit I give you a Hubba Hubba hot ladies and Happy Mom's Day to you all !! Hooowwlll BigBoyBosco

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