Seat Hog

Dear world,
Sometimes, Annie and I both like to sit in the front seat of the car. We both shoudl fit comfortably, but Annie likes to hog the seat so there is no room for me. First I kept asking her nicely to move over, then I warned her there will be consequences. Well, she didnt listen. So the next time she got in the car I made her sit on the floor. Since then, she makes room for me in the front or goes in the back seat! Our dogs need to learn their lessons!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Oh dear! You certainly put Annie in her place...on the floor! Maybe you need to send her to math school to learn about measurements. We know she's eager to please you and Mommy & Daddy and tries her best. She's a very sweet girl.

    We must tell you that's a lovely coiffure you have in the top photo. None of us has curly fur, so we especially love seeing it on you! Love and loud purring! >^..^<

  2. You are right, Rosy Rue, manners must be taught...but can you really resist that "Who? Me?" look of Annie's. Even us respectful cats (hm, who's that coughing?) would give up our seat for such a sweet girl - although we are never allowed in the car without being caged up. And then, we always know how that trip ends - being stuck with a needle.
    Anyway, you both look fab, as usual.

  3. Annie sure looked much happier hogging the seat than on the floor. :) Of course you need to teach Annie the rules, though. And I see a pink blanket on the seat. That should be a big indicator to Annie that it's YOUR space, Rosy! You guys are so cute. Annie sure looks like she's feeling better! xoxo


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