Our Thanksgiving Feast

Dear world,
The big Joe's Stone Crab box from Miami Beach was delivered for our family's unique Thanksgiving meal tradition. But we prefer turkey, so Mommy made us our ground turkey legs (now she can tell everyone she cooked turkey!). Anyway, we sat down to our meal and I proceeded to bark about about all the things I am thankful for. And not only could Annie  not wait to eat till I was finished barking, but then Bunnybell grabbed the turkey leg off my plate ! Am I the only one with manners?
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. WOW, you three doggies made out like bandits. What a Thanksgiving fest you had. So happy it was a good one pals.

  2. How funny, Rosy! I guess Annie & Bunny bell ran out of patience! It sure looks like a great Thanksgiving feast! Did u guys try the crab? My Mom is in Sunny Isles Beach just 5 miles from Miami Beach for Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh Rosy, please don't tell me Annie and Bunnybell didn't listen to a word you barked. I know your thanks was heartfelt. At least the rest of your family appreciated your barked thanks.xo
    (Annie chomping on the turkey leg and Bunnybell helping herself to your dinner, did make me smile, actually chuckle).

  4. The food is incredible....so much to be thankful for. Rosy, I wouldn't know what to eat first. Although....my favorite part of the photos are your pilgrim dress and the turkey legs on Annie's head!

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!


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