Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a perfect time for me to teach Annie the importance of being charitable. So Annie and I will be celebrating my taking some of our holiday spending money and donating to one of our fave charities – Best Friends Animal Society.  Since we love kitties and have so many fab kitty friends, we decided to sponsor two kitty sisters – Faith and Martha. Sisters sponsoring sisters!  Annie learned that it feel just as good to give as it does to receive.
Lets all bark and meow about #GivingTuesday !


  1. Today is Giving Tuesday, a very special day for those who give and for those who receive. I'm glad Annie enjoyed the giving part just as you do, Rosy. Love you girls. xo

  2. *claps paws* You are just pawsome, Rosy and Annie xx

  3. We love Best Friends as well....we go to their conference every other year. Mom wants to take a weekend out there one day. Thanks for sponsoring a kitteh, I chase kitties...mom says I have to change me ways...What does that mean? ... woof whistles, Bosco


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