Happy Thanksgiving !

Dear world,
Annie and I want to wish all of America a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for so many things -- each other, our forever Mommy & Daddy, and getting to live in a wonderful home in beautiful San Diego. Annie is also very thankful for her toys and treats and I for being so spoiled and pampered. I hope next year or sooner we can be all be thankful for peace in the world.
Happy Thanksgiving!
BearHUGs Forever.


  1. Dear Rosy, pardon me, Princess Rosy and Annie,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. You both look fabulous in your Turkey outfits (and don't you begrudge Annie a bite out of those treats; I always eat what mommy buys for company - so does she!) Mainly, because she's not the best of cooks-as you can see from my blog.

  2. Rosy, both your Pilgrim outfit and Annie's turkey hat are very elaborate. I must say you two are dressed perfectly for the occasion. Of course, we wouldn't expect less from Princess Rosy. xo


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