Small Dog Meet-up

Dear world,
A few weeks ago I went with Mommy to meet-up with a bunch of small dogs at the Dog House Bar and Grill. We didn't bring Annie because we were not sure she could pass for a small dog (I have been warning her she needs to stop eating seconds at dinner! ) Anyway, there were so many types and sizes of pups. I enjoyed treats on the ground with most of the others. But there were some pups that obviously preferred the drinks on the table ! My fave pup that I met was Shadow, who literally looked like my shadow! What a fab day. Maybe I will bring Annie next time.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. What a fun time Rosy! It sure looks like all the dogs had a great time. Looks like there were some persistent drinkers in the bunch too. :) How fun!

  2. Hi Rosie. It's me Asher. I enjoyed meeting you at the Dog House.

  3. Oh Rosy, that meet-up of small dogs must have been the best. Annie would have definitely fit in and had a wonderful time. I know she'll join you next time. They tell us everyone has a look-alike and you found yours - Shadow. You two look like cute little twins! xo


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