Dog Park Police

Dear world,
Well, our decision was to be Cops for Halloween. We went to a dog park that was having a costume contest. They took pictures of all of us in costumes and will announce the winner today on their website. Then everyone took their costumes off except us. And Annie took being a cop very seriously, she adamantly stood her post as Park Police, until she got a whiff of a hot dog.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Good for Annie! Whatever you do do it as well as you can!!

  2. You guys made a great choice & Annie really proved she could be a real police dog (as long as no hot dogs are involved!) :)

  3. Your Halloween costume choice was a great success, Rosy and Annie. You both not only looked terrific, but Annie did an outstanding job in her role as a cop. It appears that she had everything under control at the dog park. Great job Annie! xo


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