Vanilla Cupcake Day

Annie heard that today is National Vanilla Cupcake Day, so of course that peaked her interest. She was about to enjoy Daddy's treat, but I told her that since she is a dog, she can't have cupcakes, she can only eat Pupcakes. So she assumed that meant she had to wait for National Vanilla Pupcake Day, whenever that is.


  1. OMD I didn't even know there was a Vanilla Cupcake Day !! *drools* Cupcakes or pupcakes, they is all deeeelishus!! BOL BOL

  2. Humm.... I think I should come over and help Annie watch over the cupcake till Dad comes home.....whadayathink Annie, we can guard it? Woof whistles, BoscoBoy.

  3. Annie watching over the cupcake seems a good idea. When is National Pupcake Day? I think you should have asked for a vanilla Pupcake instead! :)


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